We are a team of former and current finance and private equity monkeys with several years of experience.

Like many of you, we know from experience that finance topics can be difficult to understand.

Textbooks can be hard-to-read and give you more information than necessary to understand the key concepts.

That is why we started FinanceFluent.com.

Finance on a mission

Our goal is to help you understand finance topics by breaking down them down in an easy-to-understand languauge – for free.

FinanceFluent.com has an extensive and ever growing list of deep dives into different areas of the financial industry. As of writing, these include (amongst others) business valuation, financial statement analysis and the private equity industry. Further, in our ever expanding dictionary we have a long list of finance topics explained in 100-500 words. After all, we believe that quality matters over quantity.

If you have any questions about finance topics, our articles, or suggestions for new finance topics, please feel free to email us.